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Revenue growth by design, not by default, is the key to both profitability and optimal valuation.

Find out how we can help you grow.

Who We Serve

Executives responsible for revenue growth
B2B organizations in Healthcare, Technology or Business Services

Growth oriented companies up to $300M

Small number of large clients, where relationships matter

Challenges We Address

Organizations and decision makers that engage Execullence typically  experience issues across one or more of the following areas:

Sizing & Planning

Need a strategic approach to capitalization, growth planning and spending wisdom to guide investments in marketing and sales:

  • Have been unsuccessful in prior efforts to raise sufficient levels of capital
  • Have often set revenue goals that haven’t been achieved
  • Need improved spending wisdom to invest in growth
  • Lack consistent framework to align and operationalize strategy across the organization

    Targeting & Positioning

    Need to better identify and quality the right type of investors and business prospects, and consistently communicate their competitive difference:

    • Have exhausted their rolodex as a sustainable approach to raising capital and/or building revenue
    • Have become typecast & need to upgrade their image
    • Struggle to align the way everyone describes the company and its value proposition

    Executing & Optimizing

    Need repeatable, scalable processes to connect with the right decision makers and close them:

    • Need to understand the appropriate mechanisms to fund growth plans
    • Struggle with identifying, qualifying and connecting with the right decision makers
    • Succeed in generating new leads, but can’t convert them
    • Sales incentives are impediments to reaching growth goals

      Evaluating & Improving

      Need objective feedback and data to improve the makeup and profitability of their capital strategy, products, services and customer mix:

      • Have wrong investors for the current stage of organizational development
      • Have an unhealthy and unstable customer mix
      • Have relied more heavily on gut feel vs. hard data
      • Need to change their priorities or develop new capabilities based on where they are in their life cycle

        What We Do

        Our Unique Approach

        The Execullence Roadmap to Strategic Growth covers all phases from Readiness to Execution to Scale.  We are often engaged to conceive of          and energize go-to-market efforts when other methods have either stalled        or failed to produce desired results.

        We typically start by assessing the feasibility and clarity of your growth goals using the Execullence Strategic Growth Calculator.

        Learn how the Roadmap to Strategic Growth applies a structured, time sensitive and milestone-driven approach to transform great strategies into executable action plans with measurable results.

        Capital AccelErator

        Execullence helps growth-oriented digital health and technology enabled service companies secure the funding needed to accomplish their business objectives through customized capital strategies designed to attract right-fit investors.

        Execullence Strategic Growth Calculator

        Through this objective assessment of your key metrics, we can quickly and effectively begin the process of determining the viability of existing lead generation programs, sales management processes and account management initiatives in reaching your organizational growth goals.

        By analyzing the dynamics between deal sizes, attrition rates, sales cycle times and the quantity and caliber of resources dedicated to new vs. existing accounts, we work with client executives to validate current pipeline values and forecast probabilities against growth goals to paint a clear picture of what it will take to get from here to there.

        This thoughtful and collaborative assessment forms the premise for recommendations and activities to follow, keeping in mind any existing strategic planning efforts that can be leveraged to avoid duplication of effort.


        The most effective growth strategies result from understanding your sweet spot, replicating your proven successes and developing your capability to execute.

        The fastest path to revenue growth is to focus on Market Penetration and             Market Development opportunities:

        Market Penetration

        Market Penetration, often known as Upselling or Cross-selling, entails providing proven solutions to your existing customers. Execullence services focus on improving both the quantity and frequency of sales to existing accounts, while deepening and lengthening your relationships:

        • White Space Opportunity Analysis
        • Strategic Message Development
        • Opportunity Identification Training of Client-Facing Personnel
        • Customer-Centric Engagement Programs
        • Sales Opportunity Audits and Milestone Tracking
        • Account Management Incentive Compensation Programs
        • Attrition/Retention Analysis and Improvement

        Market Development

        Market Development efforts focus on marketing proven solutions to New Logo accounts, which typically have a higher degree of difficulty. Execullence provides services to improve your customer acquisition metrics and process in marketing and selling to new prospects:

        • Market Opportunity Analysis
        • Revenue Goal Feasibility Analysis
        • R4 Target Profile Development
        • Target Prospect Specification and Research
        • Go-to-Market Planning
        • Strategic Positioning & Visual Brand Development
        • Marketing Tools & Collateral Development
        • Lead Generation & Harvesting Programs
        • Sales Opportunity Audits, Milestone Development and Tracking
        • Sales Process Management
        • Partner and Alliance Development
        • KPI Monitoring & Tracking

        Market Penetration & Diversification

        Breakthrough growth over a longer period of time typically involves Product/Service Development and Diversification. These efforts often include mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliance agreements to expand your offerings, reach new markets or scale your geographic presence.
        Execullence Strategy Accelerator services help to validate and augments your efforts in these areas through market and competitive analytics, product/service line assessments, product development planning, strategic alliance research and acquisition target identification, analysis and diligence services.

        Who We Are


        After decades of serving in functional and operational leadership roles for a wide range of companies from startups to multinationals, we formed our firm on a simple premise:

        Great strategies are only as good as the paper they’re written on without focused, targeted, nurtured and adaptable execution plans to bring them to life and ensure they remain relevant through all phases of a company’s life cycle.

        It sounds simple, but we’ve seen time and again how so many organizations get it wrong, particularly as they grow and fail to recognize the opportunity costs of “off-strategy” products, services and clients that impact their ultimate valuation.

        At Execullence, our Roadmap to Strategic Growth is comprised of time tested, metric-driven methodologies designed to adapt to different stages of an organization’s evolution and changing sets of goals, needs and capabilities.

        We look forward to helping you achieve success along your journey with the ultimate payback measured in tangible terms of revenue growth, profitability and enterprise valuation.


        Execullence engagements deliver measurable financial and strategic improvements across marketing, sales and service delivery operations:

        Operational Benefits

        • Increased number of qualified leads
        • Improved lead conversion rates
        • Compressed sales cycles
        • Reduced attrition
        • Increased customer lifetime value
        • Improved visibility and message clarity to key target audiences

        Financial Benefits

        •  Higher revenue
        • Increased number of “new logo” clients
        • Longer and stronger relationships for upselling and             cross-selling
        • Lower cost of client acquisition
        • Actionable metrics to guide marketing and sales spend
        • Aid in securing funding to enable revenue growth plans

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